Cooking Without Oil? Learn Its Benefits And Try 3 Viral Recipes

March 1, 2024

Krati Purwar

Updated:Feb 29, 2024

Cooking without oil might not be something unheard of, but it is among the latest trends on social media. Food enthusiasts, doctors, and nutritionists are promoting no-oil recipes because they can help you regulate cholesterol levels and manage weight. Read to learn a few viral recipes.

Cooking Without Oil? Learn Its Benefits And Try 3 Viral Recipes

Video Credit: Kunal Kapur/ YouTube

Can you imagine , jalebi, puri, , gol gappe, tikki chaat, dal tadka, khichdi, biryani, or other mouth-watering dishes being cooked without ghee or butter, nary a drop? Making such a request to a chef or suggesting such dishes to a foodie is no less than a sin. However, before humans discovered oil, they used to roast food or cook it in water. A similar trend can now be observed on social media.

Benefits Of Cooking Without Oil

, a New Delhi-based wellness medical foundation, is promoting zero-oil cooking and lifestyle management. They suggest diet advice based on face-based medical tests and allopathic modern medicine. 

Dr Bimal Chhajer, who is the founder of SAAOL, is also going viral on social media for sharing the benefits of zero-oil cooking and a recipe as well. According to their website,

Viral Cooking Without Oil Recipes

Paneer Gravy Without Oil

Soup Without Oil

Yes, you can now cook soup without a single drop of oil. Dhruti, a nutrition coach on Instagram, shared a recipe for cooking soup without oil in July 2023. She started by heating a pressure cooker and adding chopped vegetables like pumpkin, onion, tomato, carrot, bottle gourd, etc. 

Puri Without Oil

If you cannot hold yourself from scrolling through reels on Instagram, you have definitely come across videos of people trying out how to cook puri without oil. It has taken the internet by storm, and influencers around the globe are trying this method.

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