Bacon, Egg and Brussels Sprouts Salad Recipe

Brussels sprouts star in this hearty riff on a wilted salad, giving it more structure and crunch than one with the usual floppy lettuce or spinach, and an egg on top adds heft, turning a side dish into a light main course There’s tangy whole-grain mustard in the vinaigrette, too, which contrasts with the richness of the bacon Serve this with crusty bread for scooping up the savory bacon fat and egg yolk inevitably left on the bottom of the plate.

Five Recipes That Prove Salad Should Never be Just a Side Dish

In my opinion, there is no better meal than a salad. However, to many, this opinion warrants little merit. On the one hand, I think it is because restaurants and magazines have belittled salads, making them side dishes and add-ons to burgers, sandwiches, and steak. On the other hand, there is a popular argument that salads are only diet food and are not supposed to be enjoyed. Rather, they are something that people resort to when they can’t cook or when they need a calorie deficit. Nonetheless, there is no reason to be miserable and healthy — it is perfectly acceptable to enjoy creating new recipes for delicious salads.

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