7 Kashmiri Breakfast Dishes To Try

March 6, 2024

Kashmiri breakfast dishes

Bored of your usual avocado toasts and fried eggs? Can’t be bothered to make idli and dosa? And definitely can’t stomach an aloo parantha? Then, looks like you are in dire need of a cuisine switch. And, what better than Kashmiri breakfast to cheer you up in the morning!

A lot different than what you would expect, while Kashmiri cuisine is famous for dum aloo and roganjosh, not to forget a piping hot cup of kahwa, the breakfast dishes are equally phenomenal too. Here are a few that may intrigue you:


Surprisingly, Porathe, a flatbread from Kashmir, lacks the usual stuffing and instead resembles a sizable poori. Found near Sufi shrines in Kashmir, it is best enjoyed with a side of steaming halva.

Tzir Czot

Aptly named after the sizzling sound during frying, Tzir Czot is a savoury crepe made from rice flour, cumin, and green chillies. If done right, this can be your latest comfort food.


Girda, a popular tandoori breakfast bread, is crafted from dough left to ferment overnight, resulting in a crisp exterior and a soft, fluffy interior. It is usually enjoyed with a generous coating of melted butter or jam.

Lavasa Masala Tchot

Crafted from maida, Lavasa Masala Tchot is a puffy leavened bread with a delectable masala stuffing, ensuring a satisfying and hearty start to your day. Beware, this will leave you full till lunchtime.

Kashmiri rotis
Kashmiri rotis


Bakarkhani, a layered bread, is meticulously prepared by repeatedly stretching the dough, generously adding dollops of ghee, and baking it in a tandoor.


Chochwor is a desi doughnut and a compact, round bread with a hard surface and a coating of sesame seeds, perfect for pairing with a steaming cup of noon chai.


Usually reserved for special occasions, the beloved Roth is a sweet bread adorned with a delightful mix of dry fruits, black cardamom seeds, poppy seeds, and the timeless combination of sugar and ghee.

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