All Infinite Craft crafting recipes

March 6, 2024

Infinite Craft is a logic-based crafting game that challenges you to create as many things as you can with basic ingredients, from simple elements to complicated structures, ideas, and concepts.

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In , you start with just Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth, and you combine these items simply by clicking and dragging them on top of each other in the play space. You can also drag two of the same item together to create something new, like combining Tree with Tree to make a Forest.

A screenshot from Infinite Craft showing how to make a Rainbow by combining water, fire, steam, and clouds in a certain order.
The basics of crafting and how to make a Rainbow in Infinite Craft. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The game is slowly rising in popularity, and the wave of players is discovering more and more recipes. Considering the game is “infinite,” it might be impossible to find every recipe. Still, if there’s something you specifically are trying to craft, check out our list of recipes in Infinite Craft, sorted alphabetically.

As a note, this list is still a work in progress and likely will be for some time. There are also several items that can be made in multiple ways.

All known Infinite Craft crafting recipes

Here are all the crafting recipes in Infinite Craft we are currently aware of. As noted above, this is a growing list that will be frequently added to over time.

Recipe First Ingredient Second Ingredient
Abominable Snowman Water Yeti
Adam Mud Venus
Rainbow Continent
Anime Japan America
Ariel Whale Vase
Atlantis Island Ocean
Atlas Titan Earth
Avalanche Wind Mountain
Bacon Pig Fire
Baconator Volcano Bacon
Bat Black Vampire
Batman Bat Bat
Big Bang Time Universe
Bigfoot Golem Loch Ness Monster
Black Hole Galaxy Galaxy
Blizzard Snow Wind
Boulder Godzilla Rock
Box Pandora Beauty
Bullet Glass Train
Cactus Desert Plant
Cannon Fire Ship
Cannonball Fire Cannon
Captain Hook Pirate Dragon
Chest Pirate Treasure
Cloud Wind Steam
Island Island
Cryptozoology Loch Ness Monster Bigfoot
Desert Sand Sand
Dinosaur Rainbow Fossil
Donkey Kong Oil
Dracula Vampire Earth
Dragon Swamp Fire
Dust Wind Earth
Engine Steam Fire
Eruption Wind Volcano
Time Europe
Europe Fjord Continent
Eve Adam Venus
Fish Water Ocean
Fishbowl Water Fish
Fjord Lake Mountain
Fog Water Smoke
Forest Mountain Tree
Fossil Plant Stone
Freedom America Rainbow
Galaxy Star Star
Glass Obsidian Steam
Universe Eternity
Dinosaur Japan
Golem Swamp Zombie
Hangwish Hangover Wish
Hawaii Island Volcano
Hawaii Five-O Napoleon Complex Hawaii
Hercules Hydra Zeus
Human Rebirth Zombie
Adam Eve
Hydra Dragon Monster
Ice Snow Water
Iceberg Titan Water
Incense Plant Smoke
Island Ocean Earth
Jail Break Jail Bomb
Japan Continent Tea
Kaleidoscope Mirror Mirror
King Kong Godzilla Dinosaur
Kraken Sea Serpent Pirate
Lake Water Water
Laser Lightning Bullet
Lava Fire Earth
Lightning Crystal Storm
Lightsaber Laser Sword
Loch Ness Swamp Island
Loch Ness Monster Swamp Monster
Medusa Mirror Stone
Milky Way Solar System Fjord
Mirage Desert Ocean
Mirror Glass Obsidian
Miss Piggy Pig Beauty
Monster Loch Ness Wind
Moon Earth Reflection
Moonstone Moon Stone
Mountain Earth Earth
Mud Steam Earth
Mule Donkey Farm
Multiverse Universe Universe
Napoleon Europe Time Machine
Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon Dynamite Star
Napoleon Complex Napoleon Bonaparte Paradox
Napoleon Dynamite Big Bang Napoleon
Oasis Desert Water
Obsidian Stone Lava
Ocean Water Lake
Oink Pig Mirror
Olympus Zeus Titan
Owl Bird Flashlight
Owlfish Owl Fish
Palm Desert Tree
Panda Black Pig
Pandora Panda Beauty
Pandapig Panda Pig
Pangaea Continent Continent
Paradox Multiverse Time Travel
Baconator Quaqmire
Pig Rainbow Mud
Pikachu Pokémon Anime
Pirate Ship Dragon
Planet Earth Dust
Plant Water Earth
Pluto Napoleon Complex Planet
Pokémon Anime Fish
Princess Mule Beauty
Prometheus Titan Fire
Quagmire Swamp Mud
Rain Cloud Earth
Rainbow Rain Fire
Reflection Mirror Ghost
Sail Wind Ship
Sand Dust Dust
Sandstorm Desert Storm
Sasquatch Bigfoot Swamp
Sea Monster Water Monster
Sea Serpent Water Dragon
Seaweed Fish Plant
Shark Tank Shark Oil
Ship Water Island
Smoke Wind Fire
Sniper Gun Telescope
Snow Avalanche Steam
Snowman Rain Yeti
Solar System Sun Galaxy
Star Planet Planet
Steam Water Fire
Stone Earth Lava
Storm Rain Wind
Sun Star Fire
Sushi Mountain Seaweed
Swamp Lake Earth
Sword Blade Blade
T-Rump T-Rex Trump
Tea Plant Steam
Tea-zilla Godzilla Tea
Telescope Moonstone Window
Terrorist Bomb Freedom
Therapist Doctor Devil
Thunder Lightning Beauty
Paradox Time Paradox
Time Machine Wormhole Time Travel
Time Paradox Black Hole Time Travel
Time Travel Black Hole Wormhole
Titan Kraken Earth
Tokyo Godzilla Island
Tornado Wind Wind
Tornadroll Troll Tornado
Train Steam Engine
Treasure Pirate Earth
Tree Earth Plant
Troll Earth Monster
Truck Box Car
Trump America Drunk
Tsunami Water Tornado
Unicorn Godzilla Rainbow
Universe Galaxy Black Hole
USA America Sun
Vampire Mirror Bullet
Venus Planet Fog
Venus Flytrap Monster Flower
Volcano Mountain Earth
Wall Trump Party
Wave Water Wind
Window Glass Glass
Wine Plant Alcohol
Wish Genie Lamp
Wormhole Black Hole Black Home
Yeti Blizzard Monster
Zeus Titan Wind

Not seeing a particular recipe? Start experimenting and see if you can discover it before we do.

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