Croissant Pav Bhaji To Oreo With Ketchup, Bizarre Food Recipes Of The Week

March 5, 2024
These unexpected, odd food combinations didn't work. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

These unexpected, odd food combinations didn’t work. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

From pairing Oreo cookies with ketchup to dunking cheese in hot chocolate, bizarre food videos keep flooding social media.

Over the years, new dishes have come to fruition by free experimentation. Home cooks and Michelin-star chefs alike often experiment with ingredients, different food textures, and techniques to create something new. Sometimes, a small group of people takes a liking to a certain dish or food pairing, such as pineapple on pizza, which is otherwise considered an anomaly. In the spirit of experimentation, many bizarre food videos often go viral. This week saw its fair share of bizarre food recipes that ranged from dunking Orea cookies in ketchup or adding ice cream in Dabeli. Here are some of them:

1- Oreo with ketchup

For close to a century people have been relishing Oreo cookies with milk or other sweet beverages. People also add these sandwich cookies to milkshakes. Recently, a Singapore-based foodie shared a video of pairing Oreos with ketchup. In the video, he approves of the combination and describes it as addictive, much to the disgust of netizens.

2- Hot Chocolate And Cheese

One would rarely think that cheese belongs in a cup of hot chocolate. However, recently a group of travel influencers shared a video in which they revealed that in Columbia, people often enjoy their hot chocolate with a slide of cheese. Apparently, the savoury flavour of the cheese enhances the rich chocolatey flavour of the hot chocolate.

3- Gordon Ramsay’s Butter Chicken with tomato sauce

Michelin star-winning chef and TV personality Gordan Ramsay recently shared a quick butter chicken curry recipe that he called ‘Curry in a hurry’. In his Instagram video, Gordan marinates the chicken with spices and proceeds to make the gravy. While making the gravy, he adds a heap load of tomato sauce. This use of excessive tomato sauce did not sit well with many desi foodies who chastised the chef for his “wrong” recipe.

4- Ice-cream Dabeli

Dabeli is a classic spicy snack, popular in many parts of Gujarat. Dabeli, which traces its roots to Kutch, is usually made by adding spicy boiled potatoes between two buttered buns. Recently, a Gujarati food joint named Kutchi Bites from Bhuj gave this snack a sweet twist by adding ice cream inside it. Even as its video gathered thousands of likes, many people were unimpressed. An Instagram user commented on the video, “This is NOT a dabeli. Just a fried pav with ice cream inside.”

5- Croissant Pav Bhaji

As the name suggests Croissant Pav Bhaji attempts to mix both French staple Croissant with Maharashtrian Pav. The result is an extra flakey bread, shaped like a pav, that was served with bhaji. This fusion dish is on the menu of Pot Pot Restaurant in DLF Avenue Mall, Delhi. Many people found this fusion unnecessary. An Instagram user commented, “Why do people outside of Maharashtra somehow manage to obliterate pav bhaji?! I’ve had the weirdest bhajis with things like corn, and now this croissant. Stop being extra, Pav bhaji in its original form is more than ENOUGH!”

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