Foster a love for cooking with monthly recipe kits for kids

February 26, 2024
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If you have kids who love to help prepare lunch or keep trying to steal your kitchen equipment for science projects, a cooking subscription box might be a great way to channel that energy into a learning opportunity. These boxes feature recipes that kids can prepare with minimal assistance, along with tools, tips, and even video instructions to help along the way.

Kids will learn to love the kitchen and beg to practice their skills when you introduce them to cooking and baking techniques in a fun, approachable manner. Almost all the boxes offer various subscription options as well as kits for one-time purchases, so don’t be afraid to try several before you find what works best for your family.

Here are six options that feature a wide variety of recipe themes, additional activities, and skill-building instructions, all conveniently delivered to your door each month.

Raddish Kids is still going strong after being one of the first kid’s cooking boxes to hit the market. Every month’s box includes three recipes, complete with a shopping list and apron patch for kids to collect. They also get a kid-sized kitchen tool, three focused culinary skill drills, and “table talk cards” that serve to spark conversation around the dinner table. An additional creative kitchen project that features ideas related to the recipes can help kids apply their knowledge and think more deeply about the skills they use in the kitchen.

Baketivity is a great option for kids who love to make (and eat!) sweet treats. Its boxes feature a monthly dessert recipe, associated dry ingredients, and three additional recipes with access to video instructions and support. These baking boxes also come with a “pastry perks” information sheet that details relevant techniques and an educational pamphlet to help kids explore content related to the recipes. From the science of baking to the history of popular ingredients, kids can start to develop a holistic relationship with food and cooking.


Happy family preparing healthy food in kitchen together
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Happy family preparing healthy food in kitchen together

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For kids with food allergies, the Little GF Chef boxes are a great choice. Gluten-free and free from the most common allergens (such as nuts, soy, dairy, eggs), these baking boxes let kids with dietary restrictions learn to love being in the kitchen. They’ll learn standard baking techniques for allergy-free cooking, all while having fun! Each box comes with a baking recipe, dry ingredients, and a relevant kid-sized kitchen tool.

Eat2explore is the best kid’s cooking box if you’re looking to expand young palates. It delivers monthly recipes and information about cuisine and culture from around the world. Kids will get three recipes, a shopping list, a kid-sized kitchen gadget, and specialized spices and sauces in each box. In addition, the box comes with an activity sheet with facts about the featured country, a flag pin, and country stickers for their “passports.” Eat2explore is one of the few boxes to include any ingredients. It’s a great way to introduce unusual flavors to your family and help kids learn about the importance of trying new food.

If you’re looking for a box to help foster your preschooler’s love of cooking and the kitchen, this is the one. While most other boxes cater to kids older than age 5, this box is specifically designed for kids ages 3-5. Centered around a fun theme (like Colors and On the Farm), preschoolers will get a storybook that introduces the ingredients and “characters,” a fun cooking project, art activities, and more. This box is an excellent way to introduce the basics of food and cooking to your youngest family members.

Harlow’s Harvest is a monthly box designed to help kids learn budgeting, nutrition, geography, science, and more. It features three recipes in every kit. The instructions are designed to point out safety techniques and promote nutritional awareness, while the shopping list has kids keep track of a budget. Kids will get a cooking tool and achievement pin to keep along with their new recipe cards. Bonus kitchen science experiments are a fun way to extend the learning even when the cooking is complete!

Kids’ cooking boxes can provide hours of family fun, complete with a meal at the end! Try one or more of these subscriptions today.


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