Mindful Chef and LEON Spice Up Spring Menu with Exclusive New Reci…

March 6, 2024

Mindful Chef, a renowned meal kit provider, is joining forces with the beloved fast food chain LEON to bring an innovative twist to its spring menu, introducing six exclusive recipes inspired by LEON’s iconic dishes. From 10th to 23rd March, customers can enjoy a blend of classic flavors and new culinary creations, including the introduction of LEON Grocery’s Microwave Rice in a pouch format, a first for the home cooking scene.


Innovative Collaboration Brings New Flavors to Home Kitchens

The collaboration between Mindful Chef and LEON marks a significant milestone, merging the convenience of meal kits with the distinctive tastes of LEON’s fast food classics. Among the new offerings are LEON’s Honey Halloumi with Herbed Rice, Chicken, Coconut & Lime Curry, and Gochujang Tiger Prawns with Korean Fried Spicy Rice, each designed to deliver a unique dining experience at home. Also making a comeback are customer favorites, such as LEON’s Aioli Chicken with Rice & Rainbow Slaw, complemented by a free bottle of LEON’s Garlic Aioli.

Emphasizing Health, Flavor, and Sustainability


The partnership embodies a shared commitment to health, flavor, and sustainability. Ashley Davis, Managing Director at LEON, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting the innovative and sustainable recipes that await customers. Giles Humphries, founder of Mindful Chef, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the popularity of LEON’s recipes among their clientele and the joy of bringing these flavors to thousands of UK kitchens once more. The menu features dishes packed with fiber, vitamins, and natural ingredients, catering to a wide range of dietary preferences and needs.

Customer Favorites and New Discoveries

With the reintroduction of beloved dishes and the addition of four new recipes, the partnership promises a culinary adventure for Mindful Chef customers. The menu not only caters to long-time LEON fans but also introduces newcomers to the brand’s signature flavors in a convenient and healthy format. This collaboration serves as a testament to the evolving landscape of home cooking, where convenience meets quality without compromising on taste or nutritional value.

This innovative partnership between Mindful Chef and LEON redefines the meal kit experience, blending the convenience of pre-portioned ingredients with the adventurous flavors of fast food favorites. It’s a culinary collaboration that celebrates the joy of cooking and eating well, inviting customers to explore new flavors while enjoying the comfort of home-cooked meals. As spring unfolds, this menu promises to bring a fresh perspective to dinner tables across the UK, making every meal an occasion to savor.

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