7 Popular Gujarati Breakfast Recipes You Must Try

March 18, 2024

While poached eggs, cereals and avocado toast are great breakfast options, there’s something undeniably satisfying about traditional Indian dishes. Each state and region has delicious delicacies typically eaten in the morning. Many of them double as evening snacks too. Gujarati cuisine has some lip-smacking breakfast treats, especially for vegetarians. One of the best parts about some of these popular ones is that they are healthy too. It’s a win-win situation. Check out some of our top recipes for the same below.

Here Are 7 Delicious And Easy Gujarati Breakfast Recipes To Try:


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Gujarati breakfast: Thepla is a popular travel food. Photo Credit: iStock

Thepla is one of the most popular Gujarati breakfast dishes and for good reason! It is easy to prepare, nutritious, diabetic-friendly (in most cases) and travels well. Lovers of thepla often carry it along on road trips and long journeys as a tasty source of energy at any time of the day. Nowadays, you may find different versions of thepla. But the classic methi version remains unbeatable. the complete recipe.


Another beloved Gujarati treat that travels well is Khakra. This cracker-like delicacy is light yet filling, making it the perfect choice for a quick morning meal or breakfast on the go. In recent times, people love to season their khakra with unconventional spices, including peri-peri mix! Like thepla, the traditional types remain irresistible. Find a yummy recipe . 


The timeless dhokla is among the most versatile Gujarati dishes. There are several mouth-watering versions you can easily make at home. These are not just experimental recipes. Different types of dhokla have long been a part of the Gujarati diet. Nowadays, various weight-loss recipes for the same are gaining traction. Since it is steamed, it is relatively low in calories compared to fried snacks. a recipe for rice dhokla.


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Gujarati breakfast: Khaman goes well with chutneys. Photo Credit: iStock

The terms “khaman” and “dhokla” are often used interchangeably. However, there are traditional differences between the two. The iconic yellow treat is actually called khaman. It is beautifully spongy and can be enjoyed with sweet and/or spicy chutneys. You can also make a chaat out of it. Click for the basic recipe.


This baked delicacy visually resembles a cake. But Handvo is a savoury dish made using lentils and vegetables. Like dhokla, you can make this Gujarati staple using different base ingredients. If you want to try the rava version, the full recipe.


Many of the ingredients of thepla are also used to make muthiya. This delicacy gets its name from the action of the hand and fingers while breaking off small pieces of the dough. Muthiya can be steamed or fried. Check out an easy recipe .


Gujarati fafda, made from besan, is generally considered more of a side dish. But that doesn’t make it any less iconic. Who doesn’t like to start their day with something crispy? In many places, it is served with a special raw papaya preparation. Click  for the step-by-step recipe for fafda.


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