Chocolate Rice Bowl To Maggi Milkshake, Bizarre Food Recipes Of The Week

March 15, 2024
The internet has disapproved of these weird dishes. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The internet has disapproved of these weird dishes. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Some recipes are so bizarre that they leave viewers confused. One such showed a woman preparing Kaju Katli Bhajiya.

Experimenting with popular recipes and ingredients has become quite common among street food vendors. Time and again, they have subjected many street dishes and snacks to odd trials in a bid to create something special and unique. While some of these turn out to be really delicious, others do not appear to be appealing to the general public. Keeping the zeal to experiment aside, these bizarre recipes often go viral on the internet.

Here’s a look at some of the strangest recipes we found this week:

Pasta With Buttermilk

First up is pasta prepared with buttermilk, which has popularly come to be known as Chaas Pasta. This weird dish has left many discontent and wondering why we need it at all. The clip was posted on Instagram by the food vlogging handle Surat Street Food. The popular video starts with adding pasta to a wok, followed by the surprise addition of buttermilk. Spices are generously put in with shredded cheese to finish the dish.

Chocolate Rice Bowl

Scott Hentzepter, a digital creator, surprised netizens with his unusual chocolate rice bowl dish. The viral clip begins with the vlogger putting some chocolate biscuits in a hot pan filled with water. He then crushes and combines them thoroughly until they melt and achieve the desired consistency. He then adds canned veggies such as carrots, peas, and corn and stirs them together. Once the chocolate curry is ready, he puts it over white rice and tastes it. While the creator rated it positively, online users were not impressed.

Kaju Katli Bhajiyas

Some recipes are so bizarre that they leave viewers confused. Another video on the internet showed a woman preparing Kaju Katli Bhajiya. Yes, you read that right. The woman dips the popular sweet kaju katli in chickpea flour paste, and places it in the hot oil. The recipe left users unsure whether this was a dessert or a snack.

Ranveer Brar’s 24-Carat Gold Infused Dal

While Dal is the staple in most households in India, adding a fancy fine dine touch to it was not quite a hit among netizens. Recently, a video of Dal Kashkan served at celebrity chef Ranveer Brar’s Dubai restaurant went viral. This unique dal is served inside a wooden box and garnished with a tadka of 24-carat liquid gold.

Maggi Milk Shake

Maggi is at the core of most food experiments. A new video making rounds on Instagram showcases the new experiment: Maggi Milkshake. After preparing a classic maggi, milk and vanilla sauce are added to the pan. Some cheese is grated and added to the mixture. The mixture is then poured into a glass.

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