Costco’s Bakery Just Dropped a New Bread That Shoppers Say Is the ‘Lightest & Fluffiest’

February 29, 2024

If you can’t live your life without bread (apologies in advance to all you gluten-free folks), then you need to hit your local Costco ASAP. The at several locations nationwide just rolled out a new super-fluffy multigrain bread recipe and you can get two huge loaves for just $7.99.

“The Costco bakery just brought out the lightest and fluffiest multigrain bread,” Laura from the Costco Hot Finds Instagram account shared in a recent video. “It’s made with oats, golden flax seeds, and sesame and sunflower seeds. I love it. This bread is so soft in the center.”

The two-pack is great because you can slice one up and eat it one week and freeze the other loaf for next week! Freezing will also help these loaves last longer because they’re free from preservatives, unlike the packaged bread you find at your grocery store.

“It is my favorite!!” one Costco shopper wrote in the comments, adding, “It’s been years since they have had it.”

Another person added, “Delicioso. Especially with soups.” And someone else wrote, “My favorite bread — honestly is the best.”

Some shoppers even say that their Costco carries this bread all year round (lucky!), and it’s best used for sandwiches for lunch, toast for breakfast, or even for French toast if you don’t mind using multigrain for your favorite French toast recipe.

Now that the word is out that Costco has some of the lightest and fluffiest bread you’ll ever eat, these loaves won’t last long on the bakery shelves. So stop by your local Costco as soon as you can to grab a couple loaves for yourself to taste just how good this recipe is.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with more awesome seen in the gallery below.

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