Pop-Tarts asks Taylor Swift to reveal recipe she used for Chiefs’ offensive linemen

March 5, 2024

Of the many fun and revealing interviews we conducted over the past four days at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, one created far more buzz than the others.

The disclosure from Chiefs coach Andy Reid told PFT Live that Taylor Swift for the Chiefs’ offensive linemen sparked a toaster pastry wildfire.

Pop-Tarts how now joined the fray. With a full-page ad in the Kansas City Star, Pop-Tarts asks Swift to share her recipe publicly. In exchange, the company will double its planned donation to Harvesters, a local Feeding America partner food bank.

It’s actually not in Pop-Tarts’ corporate interests for people to be making their own Pop-Tarts. They want us to buy them, not bake them. Still, the simple reality is that Pop-Tarts has gotten a ton of free publicity this week — which will result in plenty of people buying Pop-Tarts.

Because advertising works. If you see the word Pop-Tarts enough, you will want to eat some Pop-Tarts. Hell, I’m currently riding home from Indianapolis and I’m about to tell the driver to pull off at the next exit so I can find a pack of brown sugar cinnamon Pop-Tarts.

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