St. Patty’s Mocktail Recipes If You Aren’t Going To St. Fratty’s

March 15, 2024
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In February, there was Saint Valentine. Then, in March, came Saint Patrick! St.Patty’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning accordingly, girls!

Given my last name is Ireland and my first name, Erin, literally translates to “Ireland” in Gaelic, I take St. Patrick’s Day very seriously. It’s one of my favorite holidays and there are so many fun ways to celebrate!

A majority of my friends here at UCSB are heading up north to Cal Poly for their iconic St.Fratty’s festivities. typically consists of large groups of college students waking up bright and early to drink and celebrate the Irish holiday.

However, if you’re like me and not planning on attending St. Fratty’s this March, there are tons of super delicious festive mocktails to try as opposed to alcoholic drinks. Crafting mocktails with your girls can be a fun way to try something new and celebrate St. Patty’s Day. So, skip the hangover on March 18th by trying some of these scrumptious recipes!


Starting off strong, if you love the seasonal “Shamrock Shake” from McDonald’s, you’ll love This recipe recreates the iconic fast food beverage and is quick and easy to make. With all the ingredients combined, this recipe will serve three shakes.


  • ¼ Tsp. Green Food Coloring
  • ¼ Tsp. Peppermint
  • ¾ Cups Milk
  • 4 Cups Vanilla Ice Cream


All you need to do is blend! Mix all the ingredients in a blender until your shake turns bright green and you’re ready to serve. Also, if you are dairy-free or vegan, you can substitute whole milk with almond milk, soy milk, or oat milk!


The next recipe is a more . This single-serving drink consists of flavors of lime, mint, and pineapple to create a refreshing, nutritional smoothie! This recipe does have a lot of fruit in the ingredients list, so you might want to head to the farmer’s market for some fresh yummy fruit. 


  • ½ Fresh Lime (juice squeezed into blender)
  • 1 ½ Cups Fresh Spinach
  • 1 Cup Frozen Pineapple
  • 1 Orange (peeled)
  • 1 Handful of Parsley
  • 1 Small Handful of Fresh Mint


First, you’ll want to put all the ingredients in a blender except for the frozen pineapple. Blend until there are no chunks, then add the frozen pineapple. Keep blending all ingredients until there are no chunks and you have your minty, limy, and festive mocktail!

The next couple mocktail recipes I discovered on Tik Tok via user This foodie content creator makes recipes based on coffee drinks, so if you’re a coffee lover, these mocktails are for you!


The first recipe is a cold brew Irish coffee: a perfect blend of vanilla, almond, and chocolate that makes a single serving.


  • ¼ Tsp. Vanilla Extract
  • ¼ Tsp. Rum Extract
  • ¼ Tsp. Almond Extract
  • 1 Cup Stok Cold Brew Coffee Unsweetened Black  (any cold brew coffee will suffice)
  • 2 Tsp. Chocolate Syrup


All you’ll need to do is mix the extracts and cold brew with ice in a tumbler. When your coffee is all stirred up, you can add whipped cream on top! Finally, to finish off this yummy coffee drink, drizzle the 2 teaspoons of chocolate syrup over the whipped cream. 


The last mocktail recipe I’ll be sharing is a minty Irish milk mocktail for my gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan girls. This recipe also comes from on TikTok! 


  • ½ Tsp. Green Food Coloring 
  • 1 Tsp. Peppermint Extract 
  • ½  Gallon Carton of Silk Vanilla Oat Milk
  • 2 Tsp. Vanilla Extract


Mix up all the ingredients together and add ice! Once you’re done mixing, your drink should be a bright green color! This recipe also makes a single-serving drink. 

All of these mocktail recipes are fairly easy to make — most of the ingredients you can find at your local grocery store! So if you won’t be celebrating St. Patty’s at St. Fratty’s, I say try out some of these recipes. Plus, you’ll be avoiding a massive hangover, so enjoy!

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