Raising Cane’s employee reveals exact sauce recipe including popular condiments

March 18, 2024

A RAISING Cane’s employee has seemingly revealed the ingredients behind the chicken finger chain’s secret sauce.

The recipe was divulged on after the employee set up a chat thread to answer fan questions.


Raising Cane’s customers may have just gotten the secret details behind the brand’s sauceCredit: Getty


The fast food chain is known for its chicken finger variationsCredit: Getty

“I have worked at Raising Cane’s for 2 years now, ask me anything you want about the restaurant!” the staff member posted on .

Customers began requesting many details about the restaurant.

Soon after, a question about the chain’s sauce popped up and caught the attention of another Raising Cane’s employee.

“I’ll ask it cause it looks like no one else has: What’s in the sauce?” they wrote.

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The employee quickly responded, writing a bulleted list of the necessary seven ingredients with measurements.

According to them, at least three popular condiments start the mixture.

The first is supposedly a half-cup of mayo, particularly from Hellman’s or Best Foods.

Then, one-quarter cup of ketchup is added, per the employee.

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Coming in third is Worcestershire sauce, with no specific brand identified, only a measurement amount of one teaspoon.

After the three key condiments are included, four pantry staples are added, all in half-teaspoon amounts.

I used to work at Popeyes and I wish people knew the truth about our mac & cheese – it all comes down to water

They include black pepper, Paprika, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and garlic salt.

It’s unclear if the employee’s claims about the sauce recipe are accurate, but the first staff member who started the Reddit thread echoed a similar sentiment.

“Yeah that’s exactly correct, except we use much larger measurements and mix it in giant containers,” they said of the recipe.

The U.S. Sun has contacted Raising Cane’s for an official comment on the supposedly revealed mixture.


Aside from the details on the secret sauce, the first question from fans was how Raising Cane’s make their chicken fingers so quickly.

The chain is notorious for getting meals out in record time, and one customer wanted to know exactly how staff can do so consistently.

“How do you fry your chicken? It’s always so fast,” they inquired.

“Big fan of the stuff you do; keep doing the lords work.”

The employee who started the Reddit thread responded and claimed that the chicken fingers are swiftly dipped into a batter that’s egg and milk-based.

From there, it’s doused in flour for the breading, spending only a staggering four and one-half minutes in a deep fryer before being served.

“We dip in batter (made of eggs and milk), from there it goes into flour where we coat the fingers. Then it’s 4.5 minutes in the fryer and it’s done!” they exclaimed.

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