Google Search Recipe Carousel Drops Many Recipe Sites

March 6, 2024

Earlier this month, we reported on . Some changes were made that seemed to resolve some of those issues, but then it seemed to have triggered new issues with the recipe carousels in the Google Search results.

It seems many recipe sites that had their content (recipes) ranking well in the Google search recipe carousels are no longer seeing their recipes in the carousel. In its place are a lot of recipes from Pinterest or duplicative recipes from the same site. This started a few days ago.

Google is aware of these issues but there is no estimate time for when any of this will be resolved.

Dana Sandonato wrote on this past Sunday, “The issue I’m seeing now is that any recipe I’ve had ranking well and in a carousel is completely GONE. I have nothing in the SERPs. Not even my top rankings that were there a week ago.” “A few days ago it was simply that my recipes disappeared—competitors were still there. Now it’s this hodgepodge. Something is broken, and I really hope they’re working on a fix. I don’t bank on game day stuff but a lot of people are going to lose money today,” she added.

Sourdough Brandon , “Yes. Noticed that too and mostly duplicates. Here’s the search term “sourdough discard chocolate chip cookies” for example. They’re all the same recipe in the carousel from Thermomix. No food bloggers in the carousel.”

Some are seeing more and more Pinterest results showing in the carousel since Sunday. Manali Singh, a food blogger, wrote on , “Pins from Pinterest are showing in recipe carousel. It’s pretty bad today.” Summer Yule replied, “Lots of duplicate pins in the carousel too. Hopefully it will be resolved soon since it is impacting so many of us.”

Here is a screenshot showing the same site and recipe multiple times in the carousel:

Here is a recipe carousel with a lot of Pinterest results:

Here are some of those posts:

Here is another complaint:

I also received a number of emails about this issue.

Forum discussion at .

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