These air fryer Super Bowl recipes will keep you stuffed during the Big Game

March 20, 2024

weekend is nearly here, so you better get prepared. No, you don’t need to research the teams or entire discography. But you do need to plan a menu.

Forget commercials. Football is fun enough. For my money, the best thing about the Super Bowl is the excuse to engorge yourself with game-day food.

The beauty of tailgate-esque food is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, much of its deliciousness lies in its simplicity. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make Super Bowl snacks, then we here at Mashable have you covered. Through , we tried many recipes to determine which to add to your gameday menu.


And the for an event like the Super Bowl. It’s effectively a compact, . That means your food will get crispy fast, while also not leaving a mess. When making a lot of food — as you might be on Super Bowl Sunday — you can also use the air fryer to open up space in your oven or on your stovetop.

So here are some of our favorite air fryer recipes that could work on Super Bowl Sunday, and you can check out the for more options.


Chicken wings

As an , I was surprised that the air fryer could make wings about 90 percent as tasty as the deep fryer with about 10 percent of the hassle.

calls for a few steps that make a difference: two cooks (low and high heat), a rest period, and some flour for added crispiness.

Wings, in my humble opinion, are an absolute must-have for the Super Bowl. And you’d be hard-pressed to find a better recipe that doesn’t involve a huge vat of oil.


Pigs in a blanket

Mini glizzies are a fantastic choice for the Big Game. You can eat a dozen of these things and not even notice it.

will give you a great quality appetizer in less time and with less mess than using the oven.

Fried chicken

Yes, we made fake fried chicken in the air fryer. I created this recipe and, frankly, I’m proud of it. It’s not as good as actually deep-frying chicken. (Sorry, nothing is.) But it’ll give you a really tasty result.

If you by cutting thighs in half, then you could make perfect little sliders for the Super Bowl.

French fries

Fries rule. I’m sorry, but if you can’t agree with that, then you’re just dead inside. Fries are delicious and should be welcome at any Super Bowl party. You could always just chuck a bag of frozen fries in your air fryer — it’s a great tool for cooking frozen food — but is tasty as well.


Let’s face it: For a lot of the country, it’s pretty chilly outside, and you might not want to grill. Our will give you a nice final product without needing to wear a jacket. It uses soy sauce to keep the meat moist and add a bit of flavor. And, much like the fried chicken recipe, you could always shrink the patties down for sliders.

Pizza rolls

Listen: You could just chuck a frozen bag of pizza rolls in the air fryer, and it’s going to be wonderful. But if you want to ramp things up, a TikTokker came up with inside a wonton.


Mozzarella sticks

I love mozz sticks. Even a bad mozzarella stick is pretty good. Again, frozen mozzarella sticks would work here. But you could also make the homemade version that might just be a bit crispier and flavorful. We have an and an . You can’t go wrong with either.


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