Deep-Fried Fish And Seafood Galore

June 4, 2022

These are my favorite things to miss most about Malaysia:

  • the variety of little fishes available in the market
  • little fishes that I grew up eating
  • little fishes that don’t require unique recipes
  • Little ones taste like heaven when deep-fried with just a bit of salt and turmeric powder or tamarind and many more.

As a result of my Penang food blogging pals, I recently had the pleasure of sampling these deep-fried “chi ya hu” (the fish’s local name).

Since then, it’s been one of my most unforgettable meals. Our family’s favorite fish used to be this one, and we’d eat it frequently. It brought back memories of simpler times, which I’ve been longing for.

In Tanjung Bungah, the Crab Village Restaurant serves deep-fried fish. The following are some other mouthwatering seafood dishes:

  • Crab cooked in a wok. My late mother made her crabs in the same way I do: wok-baked and flavored with a smoky glaze.
  • Clams in a sweet and sour sauce.
  • Shrimp cooked in a wok. The same method of preparation as crab. Both are delicious!

Crab Village Restaurant

Tanjung Bungah, Penang


Located next to Hollywood Eatery and before the floating mosque, this restaurant is easily accessible. Finding La Dolce Vita’s 7 Fishes Fiesta invites me to participate in a deep-fried fish dish.

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