East Baton Rouge Library Picks ‘Tasting History’ for Community Rea…

March 1, 2024

For its latest One Book One Community initiative, the East Baton Rouge Parish Library has chosen ‘Tasting History’ by Max Miller, a book that not only delves into the culinary past but also invites readers to bring ancient recipes to life in their modern kitchens. This selection stands out as it encourages community members to actively participate in historical culinary traditions, turning reading into a tangible and taste-filled experience.


From YouTube to Bookshelves

Inspired by ‘The Great British Bake Off,’ Max Miller embarked on a culinary journey that led him from being a novice in the kitchen to becoming a celebrated author and YouTube sensation. His channel, ‘Tasting History with Max Miller,’ which showcases his exploration and recreation of ancient recipes, quickly gained a vast following, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. This digital success paved the way for his book, which aims to make historical cooking both accessible and enjoyable for contemporary audiences.

A Community Feast of History


The library’s ‘Tasting History’ kickoff event promises to be a feast for the senses with cooking classes, demonstrations, and an Edible Book Fest. Scheduled for March 8 at the Main Library at Goodwood, the event celebrates the book’s themes of culinary history and community engagement. With 214 physical copies and an unlimited supply of ebooks available, the library is well-prepared to foster a communal dive into historical gastronomy, making ancient recipes approachable and fun for everyone.

Miller’s Culinary Time Machine

Max Miller’s approach to historical cooking is informed by a blend of educated guesses and a desire to entertain and educate. By adapting ancient recipes for today’s kitchens, he brings the past to life without sacrificing modern convenience. From Babylonian stews to medieval mead, Miller provides readers with a unique opportunity to taste history. His work not only feeds curiosity but also connects people with the culinary traditions of bygone eras, highlighting the timeless nature of sharing meals and stories.

Through ‘Tasting History,’ Max Miller and the East Baton Rouge Parish Library invite the community to explore the richness of culinary history. This innovative selection for the One Book One Community initiative offers a unique blend of education, engagement, and enjoyment, proving that history can be savored in more ways than one. As participants prepare to try their hand at recreating historical dishes, they are not just learning about the past; they are making it a part of their present, fostering a deeper appreciation for the art and science of cooking through the ages.

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