Our Top 10 Easy, Quick Plant-Based Recipes from January 2024!

March 5, 2024

Save time in the kitchen with these easy and quick vegan dishes so you can spend more time with family and friends. All of these quick vegan dishes take 30 minutes or less to prepare!

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1. Toum (Garlic Sauce)

Toum (Garlic Sauce) by Maha Kailani


Toum, which translates literally to “garlic” in Arabic, is one of my most popular recipes and is naturally vegan. This by is the kind of condiment you ask for an extra of at your local shawarma restaurant and use to dip your sandwich and fries into. It is so much cheaper to make at home and great to have on hand in your fridge for marinades, sautéing, and even salad dressings. It skips the need to mince garlic for anything that requires it. Try to use the freshest garlic you can find. If the garlic cloves have a green stem in the middle, take your time to split the cloves in half and remove them. This will make the sauce less spicy and bitter. My version of toum calls for citric acid, which allows it to last in the fridge for up to a month or two. Credit: Reprinted with permission from Yalla, Let’s Eat! by Maha Kailani. Page Street Publishing Co. 2023. Photo credit: Saleme Fayad.

2. Raspberry Overnight Oats

Raspberry Overnight Oats by Robin Browne


These by are going to change your routine (for the better) if you find you are skipping breakfast because you are constantly running behind in the mornings. They are the perfect breakfast for you to grab in the mornings on your way out the door. Breakfast is ready before you’ve even gotten out of bed.

3. Citrus Turmeric Smoothie

Citrus Turmeric Smoothie by Ashley Smyczek


This by is bright and colorful and packed full of nutrients!

4. Beer Butter Mushrooms

Beer Butter Mushrooms by Dana Sandonato


Beer and mushrooms are an inspirational combination and these by  are the perfect building block for pretty much anything else you want to do in the kitchen. These mushrooms are textured exceptionally and walk the line between buttery and salty perfection. While this glorious dish is incredibly simple, it is guaranteed to become a house favorite.

5. Banana Date Smoothie

Banana Date Smoothie by Meatless Monday


Dates, almond milk, and bananas come together for a sweet tropical smoothie with unexpectedly sophisticated flavors. Rolled oats are the secret ingredient, used to provide a luscious texture to this by .

6. Mint Matcha Latte

Mint Matcha Latte by Caroline Doucet


Matcha lattes don’t get any healthier or easier than this. Simply blend matcha with hot water, cashews, dates, and peppermint extract for a minty, frothy drink. Enjoy this by in the morning or the afternoon for a healthy little energy boost.

7. Speedy Vegetable Soup

Speedy Vegetable Soup by Toby Amidor MS RD CDN FAND


Sometimes you have very little time to whip up a meal, which is when this quick soup comes to the rescue. By using mostly canned and frozen ingredients (which are nutritious!), you can make this by in 20 minutes. Book and Recipe credit: Courtesy of Robert Rose Inc., by Toby Amidor © 2023 Reprinted with permission. Available where books are sold. Photography credit: Ashley Lima

8. Roasted Smashed Sunchokes

Roasted Smashed Sunchokes by Nikki and Zuzana


Get ready to fall in love with these by . This simple side dish shows off how flavourful sunchokes are. All you need to do is cook cleaned and trimmed sunchokes in salted water until just tender, smash them, then roast them in the oven to perfection. Right at the end, toss them with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, and season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. It’s really that simple.

9. Grain Free Granola

Grain Free Granola by Chay Wike


This by is low-carb, grain-free, gluten-free, nutrient-dense granola is full of good fats, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals and only has 1 tablespoon of maple syrup for a touch of sweetness. Warm scents of vanilla and cinnamon will fill your kitchen as it roasts.

From The Kitchen Commune: Meals to Heal and Nourish Everyone at Your Table, copyright © 2024 by Chay Wike. Reprinted by permission of the author and Flashpoint Books, Seattle, WA.

10. Curry Chickpea Salad

Curry Chickpea Salad by Allison Reynaud


This by is an easy and flavorful spread.  You can use it to top crackers or turn it into a sandwich for a filling lunch.  It can be made in advance so it works great for meal prepping.  Use either vegan mayo or vegan sour cream to make it creamy, curry powder for lots of flavor, red bell peppers for a little sweetness, and sriracha if you want to kick up the heat level.

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