St. Patrick’s Day traditional meals and fun treats

March 15, 2024

St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated on March 17, is coming up! It’s a great opportunity to try traditional recipes like corned beef and cabbage or snack on some rainbow fruit kebabs.

What traditional or Irish-inspired dishes to make on St. Patrick’s Day

While many people like to gravitate toward the color green, creating a traditional or Irish-inspired dish for meals is a great way to celebrate Irish culture. Here are some delicious, more traditional dishes you can try.

Corned beef and cabbage

The classic meal, which many have heard of, involves a cured and brined beef brisket. Paired with roasted cabbage, potatoes and carrots, it is quite filling.

Use this highly rated for a simple take on the dish.

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Soda bread

Soda bread is a dense, Irish bread that is typically served with butter or jam. The bread can be a side to any recipe seen in this traditional dishes section.

has a great recipe that includes the option of adding raisins or currants for extra flavor.

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Leek and potato soup

While leeks and potatoes are stereotypical Irish staples, recipes for leek and potato soup are not always Irish.

For a , Alton Brown made Vichyssoise, a french version of the soup.

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For a , go to The View from Great Island. While having fewer, but similar, ingredients to Alton Brown’s, the main difference is the peas, making the soup green.

Irish lamb pies

Lamb is often eaten on St. Patrick’s Day because spring lamb comes into season, according to .

Follow this family-friendly from Marks Home Kitchen. The ingredients and instructions are in the description box. Just click “…more” to see the full recipe.

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While the recipe uses puff pastry for the crust, feel free to make your own.

Irish beef and Guinness stew

Irish beef and Guinness stew uses hearty ingredients and the popular beer to get a rich and deep flavor.

has a great recipe that can be made in a slow cooker for easy meal prep.

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While cooking can burn off alcohol, if you are uncomfortable using it, using nonalcoholic beers will also work well.

What treats to eat on St. Patrick’s Day

Wanting to celebrate the holiday with a tasty treat? Try any of these recipes.

Lucky Charms Bars, rice crispy treats

If you’re dreaming about leprechauns, or if you have leftover cereal, try rice crispy treats made out of Lucky Charms!

shares a simple recipe, where there are only three ingredients.

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Rainbow fruit kebabs

Finding gold at the end of the rainbow may be hard if there are no rainbows to see. To make your own, try cutting up fruit of all different colors and put it on skewers for a healthy but sweet snack.

Follow ’s recipe if you need some help thinking of fruits or an example to follow.

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Guinness brownies

Wanting more alcohol flavors for the holiday? shares a homemade brownie recipe made with Guinness.

[embedded content]

As a reminder, if you’re worried about alcohol even after it burns off, use nonalcoholic beer.

Green crinkle cookies

If you can’t skip the holiday without eating something green, try making cookies! Cookies are easy to dye and great for any size group.

If you have a hard time picking what type of cookie to make, shares its St. Patrick’s Day crinkle cookies on YouTube in the description below the video. Just click “…more” to see the ingredients and instructions.

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