Upcoming Reignmakers UFC Trade-in Recipes, Token Drops for March

March 1, 2024

A new set of Reignmakers UFC Trade-In Recipes are coming throughout March!

With these recipes, there will be a Trade-In Token drop. The total quantity of tokens being dropped equals the total amount of recipe completions occurring at each rarity tier throughout the month.

The total quantity of tokens being dropped equals the total amount of recipes completions occuring at all rarity tiers in March, with the exception of RARE. Purchase limits will be raised by three (3) each day through the rest of the week at the CORE tier, so that the max purchase limit will be 12 on Friday, March 8. Additionally, the ELITE purchase limit will be raised by one (1) every 24 hours after the drop until sold out.

Currently, there are approximately 10,000 RARE tokens locked in the year-over-year recipes, ending June 1. If there is leftover supply from this recipe, the leftover supply will be used to sell at the primary sale price of $2.49.

Updates to Trade-In Process

The following changes are being made for exclusive fighter recipes:

1. Pack offering instead of a single fighter trade-in recipe. The first three Glove Touch fighters offered via exclusive Fighter Trade-In Recipes (Mateusz Gamrot, Bryan Battle and Montserrat Rendon) will be grouped into a single pack per rarity tier. These packs will be available March 5 leading up to UFC 299 and live through the UFC Fight Night on March 23.

2. All fighter game cards will be non-sellable on the secondary market until the Monday following their respective scheduled events (Mateusz Gamrot at UFC 299, Bryan Battle at UFC Fight Night 3.16.24 and Montserrat Rendon at UFC Fight Night 3.23.24). The goal is to incentivize use of these high-value, low-supply recipes for purposes of gameplay.

The additional exclusive fighters offered via trade-in for the Glove Touch set will be:

  • Nursulton Ruziboev, UFC Fight Night March 30
  • Norma Dumont, UFC Fight Night April 6
  • Justin Gaethje, UFC 300

Stay tuned for the method of distribution for these three fighters. (This DKN article will be updated, and the updates will be communicated in the DraftKings’ discord channel.)

Be it a single-fighter or pack recipe, obtaining these fighters remains the only method of distribution for these fighters’ Glove Touch Set cards.

Update to Scratched Fighter Trade-in Recipes

New Scratched Fighter Recipes will be tested for UFC Fight Night weeks. The recipe inputs will stay the same, and the output will be doubled for any UFC Fight Night that includes at least 26 fighters in the pack pool.

CORE: (9) Scratched Fighters + (1) CORE Token → 2 Event Packs

RARE: (5) Scratched Fighters → 2 Event Packs

ELITE: (1) Scratched Fighter → 2 Event Packs

LEGENDARY: (1) Scratched Fighter → 6 Event Packs

REIGNMAKER: (1) Scratched Fighter → 12 Event Packs

The quantity of recipes for each rarity will not be decreased. Rather, the number of packs will be doubled going towards the scratched fighter recipes for any UFC Fight Night that includes at least 26 fighters in the pack pool.

These recipes will be live every Wednesday for the weeks in which there is an event upcoming. Also, March is being utilized as a test period for this new system. The structure will be reevaluated at the end of the month (and an update will be provided at that point).

The Event Pack Trade-in Recipes with RARE and CORE fighter cards plus a RARE token will stay the same in March. These recipes will be live on Thursdays for weeks there is an event upcoming.

In addition to game recipes, trade-in tokens will have utility to be traded in for select DFS tickets and contests. Refer to the outlining all recipes available using UFC tokens and cards!

If all DFS recipes sell out utilizing UFC cards and tokens, the following supply numbers will be taken out of the UFC ecosystem that otherwise would not have been:

  • 2,350 CORE tokens and 3,100 2023 Fighter Cards
  • 20 LEGENDARY tokens and 40 2023 LEGENDARY Cards
  • 2 REIGNMAKER tokens and 2 2023 REIGNMAKER Cards

Recipe Reminders

All recipes outstanding are below:

Traditional Recipes:

  • CORE, RARE, ELITE, LEGENDARY, REIGNMAKER Trade-in 2023 Tokens for 2024 Token recipes

Upgrade Recipes:

  • 2023 Trade-in IFW Fighter Cards to 2024 IFW Fighter Cards
  • 2023 Trade-in DWCS Fighter Cards to 2024 DWCS Fighter Cards

Note: Upgrade Recipes enable 1:1 trade-in for 2024’s version of 2023’s card.

Instant Win Recipe:

  • Redeem your Instant Win Cards! These recipes will no longer be available after March 29, 2024. Remember to trade-in your cards and receive DK dollars!

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