Back To Beijing

June 21, 2022


It’s official: the secret’s out. I’ve come back… I was jolted awake from my suburban coma and thrust back into the chaos of Beijing’s streets, subways, and skyscrapers. Dragons, dumplings, and ducks abound in this fabled land.

Now that I’ve found a new job, I can spend more time with my family while Kaitlin and Jake are in Philly enjoying themselves while I’m home with my folks.

The plane landed in China after an exhausting 18 hours of travel, including a 3-hour movie marathon and a layover in Toronto that drew the ire of some aside from a decent bagel with vegetable cream cheese. I struggled to get to my apartment through immigration, luggage claim, and taxi lines.

When I arrived, everyone was taken aback by the sight of a blue sky. I wondered how many more of those I’d see while in the city. When I return to my hometown, it’s like a combination of the familiar and the unfamiliar. The cab driver doesn’t shake his head and asks, “Can you repeat that?” when I point out a typical building or remark something. And to be honest, I’m starting to feel at ease. However, all it takes for homesickness to set in is a misunderstanding or the discovery of an old haunt demolished and replaced with yet another cigarette shop.

There are a lot of advantages to living in New Jersey compared to living here, though. Cheap DVDs, steamy hot pot restaurants with conveyor belts, and an apartment on the 25th floor with a view of the city at night. I assume the grass is greener.

In other news, we’ve relocated! Renovated kitchen in a new flat. There will be some inconsistencies in the photos as a result.

For now, that’s it. It’s done and dusted.

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