A Day At The Beach

June 21, 2022


Oh, the beach.

The sun is out! The beach! A sea of beach umbrellas looms in the distance.

Summer finally arrived around us after a rainy June and a sweltering July. The temperature rose to a pleasant 80 degrees as the sun shone and the wind blew. For the day, my buddies and I set up camp on a secluded stretch of beach.

We planned to participate in the following:

Spending time in the shade or napping and getting sunburned because of it (I used SPF 70 and still got sunburned)

The act of reading (I managed to get through around 23 pages, so, uh…that counts).

Making a concerted effort to avoid getting sand in our sandwiches (but we could have done better). The beach is a place where sand gets into everything. It’s practically a sine qua non of the whole thing).

Enjoying some dragon fruit as a sweet treat. (Yum.)

While driving out, we listened to Taylor Swift’s “22” unapologetically and took too many shots (we are not ashamed.)

This summer, have any of you gone to the beach at all? It’s fantastic, and I wholeheartedly endorse it.

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