Beijinger Beach Weekend

June 21, 2022

Hebei Province’s capital city of Qinhuangdao is around 280 kilometers east of Beijing. According to the locals, it’s the perfect destination for a summer get-together with friends and coworkers because of the abundance of fresh seafood, barbeque, and beach activities.

Bei Dai He Summer Resort in the north and Nan Dai He Golden Beach in the south are the main options. The Dai River’s mouth is located east of the waterfront tourist area. Nandaihe was our destination of choice this time around. You need to be sure that the hotel you choose admits foreigners when making bookings, as not all of them do.

It’s Nan Dai to you. There are jet skis and boats and water slides and of course, the ocean vistas on his private beach.

Barbecues, beach chairs, and tables were provided for our use on the hotel’s oceanfront deck.

Our first stop was the beach, where we set up the BBQ and relaxed on the secluded sands. In light of the region’s similar climate to the Northeastern United States, I found it reminiscent of the Jersey Shore. Chuan, or skewers, are one of Beijing’s most popular snacks, and we decided to use the classic rectangular charcoal barbeque settings to prepare them.

Our meal selection was pretty extensive, although I think we went a little overboard. Although Beijingers are known for their love of lamb, and we have a wide variety of meats on the menu, the most popular was the lamb kidneys. It was a blessing that the butcher who prepared all the skewers was local. Lots of people. Corn, green peppers, a variety of mushrooms, and even Man Tou, which is essentially Chinese bread, were among the vegetables on the menu. For an extra kick, they sprinkle chili peppers and bean paste on the bread before grilling it.

To make chuan, just add salt, chili flakes, and ground cumin seed to taste. It’s a fairly traditional preparation. Skewers are seasoned with these herbs and spices while they’re grilling.

On the beach, with friends and local beer, it was the perfect weekend party. We drank and ate until the early hours of the morning!

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