12 Things To Do In San Francisco

June 21, 2022


New York City always appears to be compared to San Francisco. When it comes to which city is best for work/living and where you can find the best bars and clubs, friends and relatives disagree. For a New Yorker, San Francisco was one of the most excellent weekend vacations I’ve had in a long time.

So it’s tough to pinpoint a single factor. Besides the moderate weather and a little more cloud cover, there are many natural wonders inside the city limits, culture, and gastronomy. But here’s a list of all the facts to make up your mind.

There are twelve things to do in San Francisco on this list.

1. Visit the Point Reyes National Seashore and go for a walk.

We decided to get out of the city and go to Point Reyes National Seashore, about an hour away. As long as the sky was cloudy, the cold, salty breezes and wildflowers made up for it.

Stopping to smell the roses is a hiking must-do for me. These little orange and yellow ones caught my eye because they looked delicate.

We came across a few small, secluded beaches. There were several pre-made driftwood picnic areas where oysters had been roasted on this beach.

2. Play in the sand (puppies ideal)

These three puppies had it lucky, living in houses on the rocky outcroppings above the water. These three canines, in particular, were excellent lads, according to our observations.

3. Point Reyes Station is a must-see.

On our journey to other state and national parks, we stopped at the peaceful seaside hamlet of Point Reyes Station, studded with boutiques, booksellers, and marketplaces. There were murals, a local farm stand, and a bookshop on our list of things to do.

4. Seafood Trail

Locals know that the Oyster Trail is an excellent place to eat a lot of fresh oysters for a low price while also enjoying the ocean scenery. Even though several locations had a “you shuck” option, we opted to sit down at Nick’s Cove instead because I had yet to purchase an oyster knife and didn’t want to take a chance on it during our flight.

We started with a half-dozen roasted oysters that were very wonderful. Those buttery breadcrumbs are calling my name. We also tasted the house clam chowder since, well, it’s clam chowder or nothing. It’s a universal law, and it’s a problem.

5. Woods of Muir

The name Muir Woods says it all. A national park is an excellent option for individuals who want to get away from the city’s commotion and bustle. We took a convenient extended circle to observe as many redwoods as possible.

A few tech dudes were telling stories about their expensive uber rides to and from Muir Woods when we reached the end of the circle. It was funny to see so many cabs waiting for city dwellers. What does this bear outside the gift shop think about that? Not sure.

6. By Pier 39, you may see the harbor seals.

We got up early the following day and headed to Pier 39 to see the harbor seals. Learn about the research in this area and how you may reduce your impact on the ocean by visiting a tiny visitor’s center. This week, I picked up a copy of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s seafood guide and used it to shame my pals into reducing their plastic use.

7. A ride on the trolley

In the end, I’m glad we went through with it, even though waiting in line for the trolley was a pain. If you’re a tourist in San Francisco, I highly recommend taking a ride on the city’s famous trolleys to see how they’re operated manually and navigate the city’s hilly streets.

8.MoMA in San Francisco

Next, we roamed about San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art, which was a great place to see a variety of strange and unique exhibits.

9. Sourdough bread was consumed in plenty!

The Boudin Bakery was a must-see for me. If you’re a local, you’re probably snickering at how touristy I am, but I promise you, this bread is delicious. It’s also worth noting that the bread bowls for the soup are enormous, fluffy, and crusty, and the soup is precisely what you’d expect from clam chowder and tomato soup.

In addition, the tomato soup is served with more croutons on top. Isn’t it wonderful how over the top that is?

10. In the Mission Valley

We walked through the Mission District’s alleyways, admiring the many abstract and socially conscious paintings.

11. The trail to the End of the World

Hiking the Land’s End Trail was a highlight of the vacation. It was a popular pastime for the Memorial Day weekend, but the vast, long paths provided a lovely, scenic loop around the city’s periphery.

12. Thrilling food

San Francisco is a tech town, so I’m not sure why we were able to go into some of the city’s best restaurants even though we didn’t make appointments in advance. We dined at a few small local restaurants, where we had great burrata and spaghetti and the most beautiful fried pig’s ears, and the calamari appetizer.

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