My Dog’s Chronicles

June 21, 2022


Well, as you can see in my title, we’re introducing you to my puppy, who will ideally grow up to be the ideal canine companion.

Our hopes are high. We’re not convinced. Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover are also on hand as biodegradable poop bags.

Stop reading and return to the cooking section if you don’t want to see pictures of our new puppy (a Goldendoodle that looks like something you could make in a Build-a-Bear workshop), hilarious stories about our family’s dysfunctional interactions, or instances of me using the word “poop” on this food blog because I intend to speak on the subject of poop. Quite a few.

We’ve been with our new puppy for over a week now, and we thought we’d share some of the things we’ve learned from reading the many puppy books available at our local public library. Hopefully, this will comfort new puppy owners who aren’t sure if they’ve brought home a cute little bundle of joy or an evil machine bent on “play-biting” holes in their favorite sweater (*sniffle*).

Let’s go back a step. Those of our long-time readers may be asking, “Where is my other dog?”

I’m sorry to be the one to deliver bad news…

He, my best companion, foot-warmer, and lover of leftovers, went away last November, and typing this makes me teary-eyed and melancholy. One of the world’s sweetest pets was the fourteen-and-a-half-year-old kid, who was adored by everyone from neighbors to veterinarians to strangers.

We were left with a slew of problems after he died. Who would be there to cuddle up with a book during our blogging sessions by the fire? Were we to itch the velvety smooth earlobes of someone? While we were busy preparing dinner, we had no one to keep us company. Who will pick up the food scraps we leave on the kitchen floor? Individuals

After this, we went on an impromptu search for an animal companion, which involved at least five local animal shelters, countless disappointments, and the most adorable bonded pair of adoption-ready dogs (an Old English Sheepdog and a Labradoodle named Pineapple) that I applied for and haven’t heard back about.

Because of the family matriarch’s stubborn belief that this dog could not shed, we ended up with this 10-week-old Goldendoodle puppy after a 14-year-long search and clumsy efforts.

I mean, is she a genuine canine? The thought of that makes me nauseous.

Due to this, allow me to set the scene. I was ten years old the last time we got a new puppy.

I was a fifth-grader at the time and wore neon leggings every day. My hair had an annoying cowlick that I couldn’t get rid of until 2004. My favorite pastimes were watching cartoons, playing videogames in my gameboy, and reenacting the sinking of the Titanic in my best friend’s backyard above-ground swimming pool..”

In the last few years, we’ve been accustomed to the thought of having a senior citizen as a dog, and my elderly dog’s puppyhood is now a distant memory.

It’s an entirely different planet now.

In the first week, there have already been several mishaps with our new puppy, such as accidents, nighttime barking, wobbly crate introductions, and the all-too-common puppy nipping and biting. We’re just taking it slow day by day, working hard to avoid a Marley and Me scenario.

We’ve accumulated quite a library of puppy-rearing advice, and we’ll be sharing it with you all. In the future, we’d like to share more of our experiences and knowledge with you, so you can use it with your dog.

When it comes to the Internet, (Slash shamelessly publishes attention-grabbing puppy photographs.)

See you around!

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