BTS Recipes: Popular Meals by K-Pop Idols

March 6, 2024

The worldwide impact of BTS is undeniable. They first took the world by storm with their music and have now re-introduced traditional Korean recipes to a global audience. The craze to ‘chef it up like BTS’ prompted the K-pop hitmakers to release a BTS RECIPE BOOK: ‘Book of Tasty Stories’ in 2022.

Alongside the recipes mentioned in the book, the group members have frequently shared their favorite foods and tutorials on making them with fans over the years. BTS’ reality series ‘In The Soop’ and ‘Bon Voyage’ revealed what the K-pop septet enjoyed eating as a shared meal. The youngest member of Bangtan has also hosted livestreams with fans showing his take on popular recipes, which went viral on TikTok.

So, let’s look at some of the viral recipes that the K-Pop group swears by.

BTS recipes made popular by the K-pop idols
BTS “Butter” teaser image (Photo Credit: HYBE Labels | BigHit Music)

Buldak Mayo Perilla Oil Noodles

BTS Jungkook’s mouth-watering Buldak Mayo Perilla Oil Noodles recipe is a blessing to spicy snack lovers. The “Seven” singer shared the recipe with BTS ARMY on Weverse, switching up the usual perilla oil noodles recipe by giving it his own twist.

The recipe is easy for those wanting to try it at home. The ingredient list of the recipe includes:

  • Perilla oil
  • Cham sauce (replaceable with oyster sauce)
  • Buldak sauce
  • Buldak mayo sauce
  • Egg yolk with all whites and veins removed

As per the “Euphoria” singer, the recipe is as follows:

  1. Mix all the sauces.
  2. Pour it on top of boiled noodles washed in cold water.
  3. Sprinkle seasoned seaweed flakes on top, and voila, Jungkook special Perilla Oil Noodles are ready for you to consume.

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Yoongi’s King Sandwiches

Everyone has their favorite sandwich pairings, and Yoongi shared his go-to ‘King’ sandwich recipe on an episode of In The Soop. Jungkook also requested his customized Yoongi’s King Sandwich in the episode.

To make Yoongi’s King Sandwiches, one would need:

  • Bread
  • 1 lb Beef tenderloin/sirloin
  • 1/2 a cabbage, julienned
  • 5 tbsp ottogi ketchup
  • 5 tbsp ottogi mayo
  • 5 tbsp tonkatsu sauce
  • Optional toppings – black truffle/beluga caviar

Jungkook’s special breakfast

BTS’ Jungkook is a fitness enthusiast, and on one occasion, he shared his special breakfast recipe with his fans. The breakfast meal is low in calorie yet delicious. Moreover, the singer promises that one can have this any time of the day.

Jungkook’s special breakfast needs:

  • Whipping cream (liquid)
  • Egg
  • Rice
  • Spicy flavored cup noodle (vermicelli/glass noodle)

The recipe needs muscle power as Jungkook instructs to beat the egg well with whipping cream first. Then, cook it on low heat, making sure it does not turn golden brown. Scramble the eggs and keep them fluffy. At the same time, boil instant noodles and add the seasoning. If necessary, cut the noodles and add the scrambled eggs to them. Lastly, add rice to the recipe to finish it off. Seaweed lovers can sprinkle the added seasoning for extra flavor.

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Jin’s Janchi-guksu

Kim Seokjin, the OG foodie of the BTS, has shared many recipes with fans since his debut. His popular series, Eat Jin, is well-loved by fans. He shares his favorite foods and talks to fans while munching on them.

One of Jin’s most popular recipes is Janchi-guksu, a savory broth based noodle dish whose recipe he shared on In The Soo.

To make Janchi-guksu, one would need:

  • Thin wheat noodles
  • Green onion
  • Onion
  • Korean zucchini
  • A carrot
  • Kimchi
  • Cooking oil
  • Black pepper
  • Salt

The recipe begins with cutting the vegetables into slices and stir-frying them on low heat. The broth comes next. For this, add dried anchovies and dried kelp and cook all ingredients in a pot of boiling water. After boiling, remove the ingredients and add soy sauce and salt to season. Keep it simmering for three to four minutes. Next, boil the noodles and add them to a bowl. Lastly, pour the broth.

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There are endless recipes shared by BTS members on the internet. Since their debut, the group has introduced Korean flavors to ARMY. So, while the boy band takes a current hiatus, serving in the military, fans are serving themselves a tasty portion of BTS’ recipes with a side of their music as they wait for the group’s return.

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