Nanjinger Kitchen; 10 Sure Fire Hit Recipes with Foreigners

March 6, 2024

It is of course wrong to stereotype. Nevertheless, the fact remains that there are quite a number of Chinese dishes that foreigners in the Middle Kingdom are more or less guaranteed to enjoy. Many also come close to enjoying a status as something of a national cuisine; the equivalent of bangers & mash, paella or apple pie. Indeed, it is hard to find a Chinese person who does not like Yangzhou Fried Rice, Sichuan Style Fried Beans or Noodle Soup.

The 10 recipes herein are each and every one a sure-fire hit with the international community living in China. Some are the quintessential Chinese dishes that many will know from their local Chinese restaurant in their home country; who has not delighted in a plate of Kungpao Chicken with friends after a late night out?

Got a foreigner coming over tonight and don’t know what to cook? Your problem is herein solved!

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