Natalie Paull Unveils Cocoa Sour Cream Layer Cake Recipe in New Co…

March 1, 2024

When Natalie Paull, the creative force behind the now-shuttered Melbourne bakery Beatrix, decided to pen her first cookbook, Beatrix Bakes, little did she know that omitting the recipe for her cocoa sour cream layer cake would lead to a clamor from fans worldwide. Recognized for its fluffy texture and balanced flavors, this cake was sorely missed in her debut collection. Responding to the overwhelming demand, Paull has now included this much-loved recipe in her latest offering, Beatrix Bakes: Another Slice, much to the delight of her baking community.


From Fan Favorite to Cookbook Feature

The journey of the cocoa sour cream layer cake from a bakery bestseller to a coveted recipe in Paull’s cookbook sequel is a testament to its popularity. Initially overshadowed by the demand for another signature cake, the red velvet, Paull was surprised to find that it was the cocoa sour cream layer cake that her fans missed the most. This realization prompted her to feature the sought-after recipe in her follow-up cookbook, aiming to reconnect with her audience and share a piece of Beatrix’s legacy with home bakers around the globe.

A Recipe That Captures the Essence of Beatrix


The cocoa sour cream layer cake is more than just a dessert; it’s a symbol of the creativity and passion that defined Beatrix bakery. Paull’s detailed recipe not only guides bakers through the process of creating the cake but also offers insights into achieving the perfect texture and flavor balance. From the airy cocoa-infused sponge to the silky chocolate buttercream and the tartness of fresh raspberries, each element of the cake is designed to deliver a harmonious and satisfying eating experience. Furthermore, the cookbook provides valuable tips on making German buttercream and troubleshooting common issues, ensuring that even novice bakers can achieve success.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Though Beatrix bakery has closed its doors, Natalie Paull’s influence on the baking world continues to grow through her cookbooks. Beatrix Bakes: Another Slice not only offers a treasure trove of recipes but also serves as a reminder of the joy and community that Beatrix fostered. By sharing her beloved cocoa sour cream layer cake recipe, Paull invites bakers to create their own memories and bring a slice of Beatrix into their homes. Additionally, the cookbook includes a bonus brownie recipe, complete with tips for achieving the perfect fudgy texture, further showcasing Paull’s dedication to spreading baking excellence.

As readers and bakers dive into the pages of Paull’s latest cookbook, they’re not just discovering recipes; they’re becoming part of a larger story that celebrates the art of baking, community, and the enduring legacy of Beatrix bakery. The inclusion of the cocoa sour cream layer cake recipe symbolizes Paull’s commitment to her fans and her desire to keep the spirit of Beatrix alive through each baked creation. With Beatrix Bakes: Another Slice, the journey from bakery to book continues, inviting everyone to savor the sweetness of baking mastery.

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