Potion event recipes and market news list for Genshin Impact

March 18, 2024

Alchemical Ascension” is the keystone event of version 4.5, prompting you to mix herbs together to make potions that follow news trends.

Completing the event will also reward a plethora of goodies: furniture, Primogems, a Crown of Insight, and a special weapon that you can only get from this event. The weapon, “Dialogues of the Desert Sages,” is a polearm that benefits healers, like Mika and Yaoyao. Again, you can only get this weapon (and its refinement material) from this event, so make sure to grab it before it’s gone.

As usual with Genshin events, “Alchemical Ascension” is split into three parts that are time-gated. Phase one started on March 14, phase two will start on March 16, and phase three will start on March 18. We’ll update this guide as content rolls out.

You may be worried about messing up your potions early on, but don’t fret too much. As the event progresses, you’ll eventually be able to keep making potions and spamming cycles infinitely, so you can just keep making potions and earning revenue with no worry.

Regardless, we explain how to become a potion expert, potion recipes, and how market news works below.

How to make potions in Genshin Impact’s ‘Alchemical Ascension’ event

As of the first part of the event, you have 10 cycles to make potions. You can only make one potion per cycle and you can end the cycle by talking to Lisa. Throughout different cycles, the market news will tell you what people are into, and thus what potions will sell better.

Each potion is made up of different ingredients. You unlock more as you level up and you can grow them in pots at the potion making area. Each ingredient correlates to a specific efficacy: strength, constitution, dexterity, charisma, wisdom, or balanced. They also each have a different characteristic: endurance, warm, steadying, fragrant, healing, strengthening, relaxing, perception, focus, or technique.

The goal is to place the ingredients, like a puzzle, on to the grid in a way that creates a potion with specific stats and characteristics, leaving as few gaps open as possible.

A puzzle with blocks in the shape of different flowers in Genshin Impact

This potion focuses on the wisdom efficacy and the healing characteristic.
Image: Hoyoverse via Polygon

As you place pieces, you can see how your potion will turn out on the left side of the screen. Hovering over the ingredient on the right side will also say what it adds to the potion. You’ll just need to keep adding the correlating plants until you get the desired result.

After selling the potions, you can buy upgrades (like a better cauldron or more planting pots) from a woman nearby. Your plants will also upgrade as they get used, unlocking more shapes to use during the puzzle portion of the event.

Market news requirements, explained

Every couple of cycles, a new newspaper will get delivered to you, talking about the latest trends. As expected, we have to analyze these trends to make potions that suit whatever trend is occurring. However, the game doesn’t directly tell you which efficacy or characteristics are needed per trend — you kind of just have to guess. But you don’t actually, because we list out all the news and their related demands below, along with what cycle they appear in.

Note that in cycles eight through 10, you will get two random trends out of the four we list. There also appears to be some elements of RNG with what traits get associated per trend, according to both our experience and a . Each trend can have up to three traits, so if our table has more than three, you’ll have to guess and check. Have no fear, though, as the market news screen will confirm which efficacies and characteristics you got right. (As mentioned above, though, you don’t have to stress about getting all the potions perfectly, as you’ll have an unlimited amount of cycles to play through later in the event.)

Genshin Impact ‘Alchemical Ascension’ market news efficacy and characteristics

Cycle News Efficacy Characteristics
Cycle News Efficacy Characteristics
2-4 Good Hunter is coming up with new dishes for adventurers who love battling. Constitution, Strength, Dexterity None
2-4 The owner of a Mondstadt flower shop is looking to have their fresh flowers grow more lushy and extend the time they are in bloom. Constitution Endurance, Steadying
5-7 Draff of Springvale is recruiting hunters to hunt an exceedingly speedy Boar King. Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom Endurance
5-7 A scholar from Mondstadt has unearthed an ancient stone tablet and is currently trying to decipher the information on it. Wisdom None(?)
8-10 A bard in Mondstadt hopes to reliably to put on a good show in their performances and attract a larger audience. Charisma, Wisdom Technique, Steadying, Relaxing
8-10 The Cavalry Captain of Knights of Favonius is leading a squad that aims to clear out bandits skulking outside the city. Strength, Dexterity Endurance, Strengthening
8-10 The Dragonspine Exploration Team is preparing supplies to ensure that its members remain in good condition. Constitution, Strength Warm, Endurance
8-10 Makeup is fashionable amongst the young girls in Mondstadt. Charisma Fragrant, Technique

Special customers and orders

Starting in cycle eight, you’ll get some special orders from visiting NPCs. As of writing this (with only phase one available), Beidou is the only special customer.

Beidou wants a constitution potion with relaxing characteristics. You can make this by using Calla Lilies and Dandelions. You can use mushrooms and berries to fill in any extra gaps to get those extra points, but don’t use too many. You don’t want their characteristics (endurance and warm, respectively) don’t overtake the relaxing characteristic.

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