WTFCF Celebrates 100 Cookbook Recipes! — Sort Of… – Where The Food Comes From

February 26, 2024

I am proud to announce the Where The Food Comes From Cookbook has hit 100 RECIPES! That may not sound like a ton compared to some cookbooks and websites, but my goal has never been to have the most recipes — it’s to have the best and most unique! And since they come from the guests of our show, family and friends, these are as unique as it gets. Almost every one adds to the story of an episode it represents.

And actually there are more than 100 now! I’ve been so busy as Food Editor and Asst. Producer of Where The Food Comes From I wasn’t exactly keeping track. I was just plugging away and wasn’t counting when I hit 100. Like I say, we’re busy around here — we didn’t even realize last summer as we were filming the 50th episode of the show on the campus of the University of Georgia in Athens that we had hit that milestone until after the fact! We celebrated the next day with an amazing late lunch at the legendary Weaver D’s Delicious Fine Foods, the pinnacle of soul food perfection. (Dexter I’m still waiting on some recipes!)

It’s been a lot of work — obviously since there’s no time to keep count — but so well worth it. And I am happy to say it is constantly improving. I’m dedicated to letting you get right to what you’re looking for — the recipe and instructions — rather than making you wade through a bunch of unrelated nonsense and of course an endless parade of ads. I’m very proud you won’t find any of that here. But you will find great recipes with heart and soul that help expand the story of each show. 

There are so many yummy recipes from our guests, family and friends that I decided to share my favorites with all of you. To do that I had to sit down and take a look at them all — and was pleasantly surprised to find the actual number is now at 133 recipes! But celebrating our 100th Recipe sounds a lot better than celebrating our 133rd. Now I’d love to see some of your own favorites if you’d care to share — send them with a picture and a little info about who you are and what the recipe means to your family.  ().

Selecting just a few of my favorites from our 133 was no easy task — they’re all so great and I’m proud of every one and the stories they tell.

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