A Tale Of Woe, Misfortune & Blackberries

June 21, 2022


Today, I had planned to share a recipe with you.

The squares are made of blackberries.

I was giddy with anticipation.

What a surprise…

Nuts being toasted in the oven.

Frozen blackberries… I’m going to enjoy them!

They’ve been thawed to perfection…

I added sugar, butter, and yogurt to a bowl and whisking until smooth.

And then add some flour, sieving it in as you go…

When I begin to add the flour, I’m like… Hm. This is strange. A lot more dense than normal.

Then again, that’s just life. I haven’t cooked this dish in a long time. Maybe I’ve lost track of how it’s meant to appear?

To do this, I beautifully added walnuts. The blackberries are the final touch. They’re even more beautiful now.

When everything is combined, I spread the batter into a pan and get ready for the awe-inspiring goodness! Lemon and vanilla flavors combine beautifully in this cake-like treat.

My oven was preheated, so I put them in there. I removed them thirty minutes later. They have an odd appearance.

I have no idea what transpired. Why are they so squarish? There is a reason why they are not cakey. Then I re-read the instructions.

On the list of ingredients, three lines down. “Two eggs,” as the saying goes.


This recipe will be included in our recipe area once I’ve recovered from the shock of what’s happened. Don’t be concerned. The stages of Denial and Anger have already been completed, and I’m now in the stage of Bargaining.

A second glance at the recipe would have saved me time and effort. If I hadn’t been so preoccupied with taking pictures, who knows what may have happened! It may be alright…

Yes, they’re a little chewy, but pleasantly. I hope it won’t take too long for me to reach the Acceptance stage.

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