E-book on Cashew Fruit Recipes Released by Sowkhya Mohan at ICAR- Directorate of Cashew Research | Mangaluru News

March 18, 2024

Mangaluru: An e-book on cashew fruit recipes written by Sowkhya Mohan was released during the cashew day held at ICAR- Directorate of Cashew Research, Puttur, on Saturday. This book contains 25 recipes which are documented in 11 languages. Although cashew kernels are widely enjoyed, few would have tasted the cashew fruit, which is nearly ten times larger than the nut itself. Across the country, cashew fruit remains underutilized. With this in mind, Sowkhya Mohan Talakalukoppa worked on the book.
The recipes and photos are by Sowkhya Mohan Talakalukoppa, and the design is by Naveen GV of nGV Naturals, Bengaluru, with the support of Mohan Talakalukoppa, ICAR-Directorate of Cashew Research, Puttur. The translation has been undertaken by experts from Cashew Research Stations, including Kabitha Sethi from Bhubaneswar, Jalaja S Menon from Kerala, Jayaprabhavathi S from Tamil Nadu, K Umamaheswara Rao from Andhra Pradesh, Mini Poduval from WestBengal, SK Desai from Gujarat, L Khapare from Maharashtra, Vikas Ramteke from Chattisgarh and H Talang from Meghalaya.
Sowkhya Mohan said, “As children, we used to pluck those red or yellow fruits dangling from roadside trees, relishing their unique flavour despite the occasional throat itch. While I knew a couple of recipes featuring cashew fruit, I had never experimented with them. Abundant in vitamin C, it often goes overlooked in rural areas, inspiring me to unlock its culinary potential. By crafting various recipes, I found ways to diminish the fruit’s smell, transforming it into a delightful culinary experience. I have considered unripened green cashew fruits and sprouts, ingredients seldom utilized in traditional cooking. My husband, Mohan, reached out to scientists from various cashew research stations nationwide, who helped in the translating the book
Mohan Talakalukoppa, principal scientist ICAR-Directorate of Cashew Research, Puttur, said that the ratio of cashewnut to fruit is about 1:10 and huge quantities of fruits go to waste every season across the country. Fenny is the most famous liquor prepared out of cashew fruits in Goa.

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