Fried Bananas


One of the greatest ways to prepare bananas is to deep-fry them until golden brown and crispy outside. This recipe calls for deep-fried bananas that have been caramelized to perfection. You can serve this both as a dessert or a snack with maple syrup or chocolate sauce.

Try frying overripe bananas in a simple batter if you’re searching for the best banana recipes.

Deep-fried bananas, in my opinion, are underappreciated. It is an excellent dessert or afternoon snack, as well as a healthy option.

This recipe for battered fried bananas offers a crunchy outside and a sweet inside. Thanks to the addition of caramelized bananas.

In my opinion, they’re the best!


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Overripe bananas are great for this dish because they caramelize in the deep fryer.


Make the frying batter first, then proceed to the rest of the recipe.

Once you’ve peeled the bananas, cut them into 1-inch pieces, and coated them in the frying batter, you’re ready to fry.

Add 2-3 inches of oil to your deep fryer or small pot and deep fry the bananas.

I propose adding 2 tablespoons of rice flour to the frying batter in addition to the recipe’s batter components.

Even after a few hours, the rice flour will make the coating even crispier.

And yes, you can use an air fryer for this purpose. Air frying in your air fryer produces equally impressive results when done according to the directions. A nonstick pan can also be used to pan fry.

Spritz the pan with a touch of frying oil. Pan-fry the bananas after coating them with a thin layer of batter.

Each dish of bread has only 259 calories.


  • 4 overripe bananas
  • Oil


  • 1 tablespoon of oil
  • 1 egg white
  • ½ cup of sifted all-purpose flour
  • ¼ cup of cornstarch
  • ½ cup of cold water
  • ½ teaspoon of baking powder


  1. Slice the bananas into 1-inch lengths and set them aside.
  2. Mix all the frying batter’s ingredients in a large bowl.
  3. Make sure everything is mixed together. Check the batter first if it is completely smooth before pouring it into the molds. Gently fold in the bananas.
  4. Small pot with 1-2 inches of oil heated to high temperature. A swirl of smoke coming from the surface means the oil is done.
  5. Carefully Add the bananas into the heated oil one by one with care.
  6. Batch-fry the bananas in the oil to prevent them from browning too quickly.
  7. To achieve a golden brown and crispy texture, flip the bananas over.
  8. A slotted spoon can be used to take the bananas out of the oil and plate on top of paper towels to dry off.
  9. To serve, drizzle some powdered sugar on top of the bananas before they’re ready to be served. Maple syrup and chocolate sauce can also be added to the dessert.


To make your batter extra crispy, add 2 tablespoons of rice flour into the batter.

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