San Francisco- and Kansas City-inspired recipes to try for Super Bowl 58

March 18, 2024

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The, and many of us are eagerly waiting to see what will happen on the field, in the stands and on the stage in dazzling Las Vegas.

There’ll be music (get ready for  and ) and commercials featuring everything from streaming services to snacks to .

But of course, the game is main attraction and there’s no shortage of compelling storylines. Can the 49ers, led by the  quarterback Brock Purdy, take home ? Will the Chiefs (and , Travis Kelce) win their third Super Bowl in five years? And, most importantly, can Taylor ?

We’ll just have to wait and see. But until then, there’s plenty you can do to prepare for the busy (or lazy) Sunday ahead. Whether you’re hosting friends for the game or prepping meals for the week, here are some San Francisco- and Kansas City-inspired recipes to make:

A San Francisco-inspired feast

I’m not a football fan, but I am a bit biased toward San Francisco. Like Boston, it’s a bay city, and being on the water means a lot of the city’s signature cuisine involves seafood. Bakers will be glad to know that San Francisco is known for its chocolate and sourdough bread, too.

  • Every year, San Francisco  season, . While you might not be able to find these crustaceans at an East Coast seafood counter just yet, you can still make Here & Now resident chef Kathy Gunst’s  with fresh or frozen crab meat any time of year.
  • Sourdough is a quintessential part of the San Francisco culinary scene, and residents believe . For a super San Francisco smorgasbord, now’s the time to find that sourdough recipe you stashed away in 2020. But if you can’t track it down, here’s an easy recipe for  from NPR and another for a  from The Kitchn.
  • In 1893, Italian immigrant  purchased an  in San Francisco to expand his chocolate business into a factory and brand many of us are familiar with today: Ghirardelli Chocolate. You can give a nod to San Francisco’s chocolate history by whipping up Kathy’s rich  (Psst — this is a great bake for Valentine’s Day, too.)

Cook like you’re in Kansas City

You might consider barbecue a summer meal — but many people use an outdoor grill or smoker year-round. If you’re a part of the “barbecue in the winter” club, try your hand at , which is distinguished by its dry rub seasoning and smoky tomato-based barbecue sauce. (Check out Radio Boston’s from last summer for tips on the proper technique.)

  • One of Kathy’s newest recipes is an homage to Kansas City barbecue “unparalleled” ribs — with a thick homemade barbecue sauce. can be made in the oven or wrapped in foil and cooked on the grill, but either way, they’re sure to be a crowd pleaser. (Just note: you’ll want to start marinating on Saturday.)
  • On the side: While you’re  the entree, go ahead and throw some (a ) on the grill, or prep  to go along with your main.
  • If you’re not a pit master, no worries — there are plenty of local takeout spots serving up delicious barbecue. Find one near you in Eater’s .

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