Rita Moreno Earns Uproar of Applause for Trump Sandwich Recipe

March 5, 2024

Rita Moreno brought the house down on Monday morning, as she offered a recipe for a “Trump Sandwich.” Though it’s just three ingredients, it earned an uproar of applause and cheering from both the audience, and the hosts at the table.

Moreno stopped by the ABC talk show in support of her new movie “The Prank,” and was quick to start making the hosts laugh. But, after returning from a commercial break, Moreno made a point to carve out time for one specific moment.

“Hey listen, I have a wonderful little joke I’d like to share with everybody,” she said.

Naturally, the hosts were more than happy to let her do so, and the actress launched into sharing a new recipe she recently came across.

“I saw a sign in a deli wall in LA, where I was visiting,” Moreno explained. “And it said: Trump Sandwich. And then it goes on to describe it. Two slices of bread, bolo– wait a minute, two slices of white bread. Bologna, and a very small pickle.”

At that, the hosts and audience erupted in laughs and applause, which Moreno delightedly embraced, raising her hands in the air in triumph. Sunny Hostin crowed “chef’s kiss!” while host Alyssa Farah Griffin praised Moreno saying, “an absolute legend, thank you for that.”

Host Ana Navarro added on, joking that said sandwich “probably sells for $399” (a quick dig at Trump’s official sneakers, which ).

Speaking more seriously on Trump elsewhere in her appearance, Moreno was blunt about her feelings on him.

“I am not about to vote for someone who has 91 indictments against him for criminal activities,” she said. “I mean, enough said already. It’s so stupid. Look at all the stuff that Biden has accomplished!”

Navarro readily agreed, even though she remains a Republican, saying that “I’ll take 81 years over 91 counts any day.”

“You’re damn right! Absolutely,” Moreno shot back. “It’s appalling! It’s appalling.”

“The View” airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.

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