Jocón (Chicken and Tomatillo Stew) Recipe

Jocón — whose name comes from jok’, meaning to grind or mash in Mayan K’iche’ — is a fresh chicken and tomatillo stew that is popular throughout Guatemala The stew stems from Mayan culture but some of its ingredients today, like sesame seeds and chicken, were likely introduced by Spanish colonizers Some Mayan groups also made theirs more spicy, or with red tomatoes rather than tomatillos, depending on in which part of the country they lived

One-Pot Ginger Scallion Chicken and Rice Recipe

Hainanese chicken rice, most likely originating from the island of Hainan off the coast of southern China, is a beloved dish of silky poached whole chicken and gingery rice cooked with the bird’s cooking broth and rendered fat This streamlined version simmers the two together in a single pot to make it a meal fast enough for weeknights With endless variations throughout the world, most notably in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, one constant is dipping sauces for the meat

Air Canada Elevates In-flight Dining Experience with 100+ New Recipes and Enhanced Services

Air Canada has announced a significant upgrade to its in-flight dining experience, introducing over 100 new rotating seasonal recipes alongside tantalizing snacks and beverages for all passengers. The airline’s revamped culinary program highlights Canadian entrepreneurs, chefs, and local ingredients, showcasing diverse flavors and reflecting the country’s rich culinary landscape.

The unfortunate but hilarious result of following a TikTok burrito recipe has gone wildly viral

Over on TikTok, healthy eating account Stealth Health Life shared a recipe and walkthrough for cheesesteak burritos. Check it out. @stealth_health_life Macro-Friendly Cheesesteak Burritos Per burrito (makes 10) 390 cals 34g Protein 29g Carbs 13g Fat Store frozen and reheat by microwaving for 2-3 minutes and you have one of the easiest and tastiest high […]

Donkey Sauce

Slather this creamy donkey sauce on your next burger, or serve it with a side of fries! The roasted garlic in this flavor-packed condiment takes this sauce to the next level! Guy Fiery knew how to create a burger sauce the world can’t live without!

Lasagna Soup Recipe

This simple, one-pot soup delivers all the comfort of a classic lasagna with very little of the work A jar of marinara sauce is its secret to speedy flavor, along with a combination of ground beef and Italian sausage (though for ease, you can use one or the other), plus a pinch of ground nutmeg Dried lasagna noodles are broken into small pieces and cooked directly in the soup, thickening the broth with their starches as they soften

RECIPE: Sesame Noodles

Recipe courtesy of A Very Chinese Cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen Ingredients Note: If fresh thin white wheat noodles are unavailable, substitute fresh lo mein or 12 ounces dried wheat noodles. In a desperate pinch, spaghetti will work. Also, this dish is wholly satisfying as written, but you can add any topping. Poached chicken is […]

Spicy Tomato White Bean Stew Recipe

Made in about half an hour from pantry ingredients, this simple, flexible stew has a velvety texture from canned white beans rounded out by plenty of garlic, olive oil and canned plum tomatoes The optional bacon adds a brawny heft here, but the stew will be just as hardy without it Or lighten things up by stirring a few handfuls of quick-cooking greens directly into the pot, which also eliminates any need for a salad on the side.

Five Recipes That Prove Salad Should Never be Just a Side Dish

In my opinion, there is no better meal than a salad. However, to many, this opinion warrants little merit. On the one hand, I think it is because restaurants and magazines have belittled salads, making them side dishes and add-ons to burgers, sandwiches, and steak. On the other hand, there is a popular argument that salads are only diet food and are not supposed to be enjoyed. Rather, they are something that people resort to when they can’t cook or when they need a calorie deficit. Nonetheless, there is no reason to be miserable and healthy — it is perfectly acceptable to enjoy creating new recipes for delicious salads.

Westfalia Fruit Celebrates Heart Month With Heart-Healthy Avocado Promotions and Recipes

February is American Heart Month and Westfalia Fruit, a leading multinational supplier of fresh avocados, is excited to announce its commitment to promoting heart health throughout February and beyond. Heart disease continues to be a growing health concern, and Westfalia Fruit is taking proactive measures to empower individuals to make heart-healthy choices. …